Gays-Beware Russia

Homosexuality is a controversial subject in most countries around the world. In Russia, the gay issue took a different turn with Vladimir Putin’s anti-gay legislation in 2013. This move has affected the LGBT rights in many aspects. Here are some of the things that every gay person in Russia should Read More

Trump and Gays

Donald Trump taking a new turn towards embracing the gays? Donald Trump gave to the LGBT community a historic shout-out, while the Republican National Convention was taken by surprise. Recently, nearly 49 Americans were murdered in Orlando, Florida by terrorists and in an acceptance speech Trump said, ‘As your president, Read More

Christians Not Being Christian

Well, the US has gay marriage not but many advocates say there are still issues that need to be resolved before equality can be achieved and LGBT people don’t have to live in fear of prejudice and reprisals and losing their job. In many states it is legal to fire Read More

Gayness: Nature or Nurture

AllPsych has an article on this topic of whether nature or nurture causes someone to be gay. Not clear if the article is by Ryan Johnson or Dr.Christopher Heffner. It is rather lengthy and at times a bit confusing . We will attempt to summarize here. Originally the Amererican Psychological Association Read More