Great Baltimore Bachelorette Party

We were in Baltimore recently for a bachelorette party for our friends, Rachel and Sarah. What a great time, and they went all out. We were picked up by the most amazing limousine we have ever seen. If you ever need a limo in Baltimore, you need to give these people a call, Baltimore Limo ( It wasn’t just your normal town car. This thing was amazing. All 12 of us fit in comfortably. There was this amazing blue fiber optic lighting that looked like we were in some kind of futuristic movie. They had a bar area and we brought along several bottles to get the party started. Heck, it was so nice, we could have just stayed in the limo and partied all night.

We cranked up the music in the limo and headed for Club Hippo, a gay bar and one of the oldest night clubs in Baltimore. The drag show was fabulous, RuPaul, eat your heart out. It is too bad Club Hippo is closing down sometime by the end of the year and being turned into a CVS. I think people are partying harder now there, knowing it is going to close. We danced our asses off and had a blast.

We left Club Hippo (not quite to staggered out yet) and our lovely chauffeur helped us into the limo. Next we went to Club Orpheus and stayed a little while, but it was too Goth for us. So we all piled back in the limo again and went to Grand Central. We should have just walked there because it is around the corner from Club Hippo. Oh well. We had some more drinks, danced more, laughed a lot and got really silly. We just happened to hit their wet undies night. Some of the ladies were really hot. From the reaction, the guys were too, if you are into that kind of thing. We closed the place down.

But we weren’t ready to quit, so our driver took us over to Club 1722. We partied there until the early morning and finally stumbled out to be greeted by our very patient driver. Thank goodness we didn’t have to drive, we were in no condition. What an amazing night, but ours heads paid for it when we woke up in the afternoon.