Reagan and Gays

Nancy Reagan just died. Many people loved her but she was lampooned for the “Just Say No” to drugs campaign. She was a strong supporter for her husband and his policies, Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan as Homophobe Ronald Reagan is remembered less than fondly by the LGBT community who were Read More

Ellen Page & Ted Cruz

Ellen Page cam out as a lesbian in the last year. She recently made a visit to the Iowa State Fair where Ted Cruz was grilling pork chops as part of a campaign swing. The two of them went back and forth for five minutes and it was captured by Read More

Great Baltimore Bachelorette Party

We were in Baltimore recently for a bachelorette party for our friends, Rachel and Sarah. What a great time, and they went all out. We were picked up by the most amazing limousine we have ever seen. If you ever need a limo in Baltimore, you need to give these people Read More

Traditional Marriage?

How traditional is traditional marriage? There was an article in the Baltimore Sun recently that pointed out how Justice Kennedy had said it wasn’t clear that the Supreme Court should be changing the definition of traditional marriage. The article pointed out that the definition of marriage has always been changing. Read More

Hello and Welcome to Protect Marriage

Protect Marriage is a website to keep track of what is going on politically around the concept of marriage. The world is rapidly changing and more and more are seeing the ability for two people to marry, no matter who they are is a matter of civil rights and equality Read More