Kentucky County Clerk Jailed

Well, the saga goes on in Kentucky where Kim Davis, the Rowan County Clerk has refused to grant marriage licenses to gay couples is now in jail. Marriage licenses have been granted by subordinates under threat of jail and Davis says they aren’t valid.

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Four couples sued Kim Davis because as County Clerk she was refusing to grant marriage licenses to gay couples. She said that it was against her religion. She also said she wouldn’t step down from her post. Since it is an elected post she can’t be terminated, only impeached and the legislature is out of session.

Judge Ruled, Supreme Court Upheld

Judge David Bunning ruled that she must issue the licenses and she still refused. She didn’t show up for work and her deputies also refused to issue the  licenses. Her lawyers asked the Supreme Court to negate Bunning’s ruling. They refused to get involved.

Jail Time

The judge then tried to reach some compromise and was considering a fine. But he realized there was an almost inexhaustible supply of money from evangelicals and therefore a fine would not be a hardship for Ms. Davis. He then took a step which surprised a lot of people and put her in jail for contempt of court.

Ms. Davis is now in jail, reading her bible, and equating herself with Martin Luther King for the time he spent in jail for what he believed in. Some people find this a stretch, others are supporting and applauding her. The judge says she is staying in jail until she changes her mind. It could be a while.

Legal License or Not?

The judge threatened her deputies with jail time if they didn’t grant marriage licenses to gay couples. Several have now been granted but without the County Clerk’s signature. Ms. Davis and her lawyers say the marriage licenses are not valid. The lawyers for the gay couples say that they are.

Interesting Davis Background

Ms. Davis is on her fourth husband. She has had children out of wedlock. Now this gets a bit confusing so hang on. She had twins five months after divorcing her first husband. But they weren’t his. She married her second husband and he adopted them. But they weren’t his either. The twins were the children of her third husband. During her fourth marriage Ms. Davis became born again which is the reason for her refusal now about the gay marriage licenses.

It will be interesting to see how long she stays in jail and how soon the issue fads from the news.